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Get Paid Every Time You Sell a Property

Becoming a successful real estate agent starts with Having Access to “Hot Selling Properties” that you can Promote while getting paid every time you bring a buyer from your network. We have Hot selling properties in the choicest locations and as a registered agent with us, we give you access to the promotional materials required to successfully sell these properties without all the STRESS!!

Alternative Earning Scheme

As a real estate agent you can make money by selling our properties. We have a reliable affiliate system that gives you the assurance to sell without fear of payment issues or adverse claims plus no omo onile wahala

PROMO Materials For You

We also give you promotion materials on the properties you are promoting so that you can focus on important things getting clients and closing them.

Crazy Performance Bonus

Outside the regular commissions you get per sale, we also reward our high performing affiliates with crazy performance bonuses for hitting monthly sales targets i.e All expense paid vacations, exotic cars, Laptops & Phones.

High Support

We wont leave you behind as an affiliate, you will always have a support group where you can ask questions and get quick responses from other top performing agents.

No Payment Delay

We don’t delay affiliate payments. Once You bring a buyer & Payment is confirmed, you will receive your commission immediately.

Peace of mind

Our Properties are totally free from every known government acquisition or interest and adverse claims plus no omo onile wahala so you don’t have to worry about future issues with your clients.

How to Register as an Agent & Start Earning

Hot Offers


Aside the fact that you are getting paid every time you sell a property. You also get the following performance bonus if you hit the following targets monthly:


Buy 10 or more 450 SQM plots on outright purchase plan and immediately get an all expense paid trip to Dubai for 4 days.


Buy 4 or more 450 SQM plots on outright purchase plan and immediately get a Smart TV, Washing machine & Gas Cooker delivered to you


Buy 2 or more 450 SQM Plots on outright purchase plan and Immediately get a 50kg bag of rice, 5 cartons of indomie and 5kg vegetable oil delivered to you.

These bonuses are very limited and for high performing agents, so hurry now and get started.